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Hong Kong

Amareos extracts market sentiments daily from global news, blogs and social media. SuperCharger help Amareos seal two partnerships with Fidelity International and Thomson Reuters.



Eko is a P2P network for mobile payments. It aims to empower millions of customers who primarily earn in cash and are taking the first tentative steps towards digital money and digital services.

Funding Societies


Funding Societies is a P2P lending platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. They originated over US$9 million in loans, partnered with DBS Bank and just raised S$10 million from Sequoia Capital.


Hong Kong

Gatecoin is a regulated digital currency exchange that offers payment infrastructure as a service. They cleared US$1.1 billion in transactions in 2015.

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Jade Payments

United Arab Emirates/Hong Kong

Jade Payments is a payment solution provider, specializing in integrated closed and open loop

solutions. They piloted a new payments solution with 10,000 event users.

Microcred Baobab


Serving more than half a million clients in 10 countries, Microcred has a strong focus on Micro & SME finance. In addition to its core, Baobab is Microcred's digital finance solution for financial inclusion.


Hong Kong

Neat is Asia’s first artificial intelligence-powered mobile personal financial assistant. It increased its social media presence by 1,500% and waiting list by 400% in just one month.



Wecash is utilizing big data techniques to provide credit scores and suitable financial services to users. They gained 5 million additional customers and is expanding to India.

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Wealth Management | Singapore

Bambu is a B2B robo-advisory company that provides innovative, cost-effective and efficient entry points into investing and wealth management.

Update: Finalist to Alibaba Venture Forum

Artifical Intelligence | Hong Kong

Clare.AI is a white-label chatbot using natural language processing and machine learning techniques to help financial institutions deliver customer service with more controls and cost efficiency.

Update: Won HKUST HK$1 million Challenge


Cybersecurity | Australia

Entersoft is an application security provider that uses offensive assessment, proactive monitoring and managed security to create cybersecurity solutions and to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Update: Won Finnie Awards in Australia


Regulatory Technology | Singapore

FinChat Technology is a mobile-compliance monitoring service provider that helps financial institutions stay compliant. 

Update: Commercial its Solution with UBS

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Payments | Hong Kong

Foris is Southeast Asia’s universal money application, providing a multi-currency account that allows users to manage money at perfect interbank exchange rates.

Update: Closed US$26 million in an ICO


Regulatory Technology | Hong Kong

KYC-Chain is an e-KYC solutions platform that uses distrusted ledger technology to help banks and other financial institutions to comply with regulatory requirements.

Update: Working with Standard Chartered on PoC


Big Data | Switzerland

Squirro is a data insights solution developer based in Zurich. Squirro works with global data-driven organisations and provides solutions in risk, service, and customer insights.

Update: Closed US$15 million Series A

X-Notes Alliance

Blockchain | Hong Kong

XNotes Alliance provides enterprise-class blockchain-based solutions, adding controls across processes that improve efficiency and security.

Update: In partnership with Mercedes Benz

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Capnovum is a cognitive compliance management platform that provides an up-to-date repository of regulations, obligations and regulatory news that lets financial institutions manage compliance across jurisdictions.


KYC & Digital Identity is a Digital Identity ecosystem where individuals are empowered to own and reuse their personal data, and businesses get a secure channel for customer interactions and data requests (eg. KYC).


Big Data

MyFinB helps FIs attain higher trust and better customer engagement beyond financing for enterprises. Using A.I., SMEs are guided on balance sheet management and Financiers can generate new business leads and analyse the financials quickly.



The first AI agent to offer instant contextual insurance protection and assistance through push notifications directly on your smartphone, when and where it matters most.


RegTech & WealthTech

Client suitability assessment is often processed today through paper questionaires. They are boring, poorly compliant and not scientific. Neuroprofiler is a behavioral finance game to help financial advisors assess the investor profile of their clients in line with last financial regulations. 

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Artificial Intelligence builds advanced AI chatbots that understands standard and non-standard English/Bahasa/Chinese, remembers what users said, and learns continuously. In other words, it makes chatbots “pandai” (clever)

Pulse iD

Big Data

Pulse iD is an identity platform that uses geolocation data to unlock security, loyalty & identity services to banks, telcos & media clients. Headquartered in Hong Kong, our technology is on millions of smartphones. Underpinned by proprietary & highly disruptive technology, Pulse iD is backed by experienced investors and is navigating an industry segment that is experiencing exponential growth.



Solus is a provider of next generation, multi-factor authentication software that seamlessly integrates biometric security solutions across multiple platforms.  Solus is also developing adaptive machine-learning behavioural tools that will utilise user's device behaviour to detect and predict fraudulent behaviour beyond the core biometric authentication product.


InsurTech & SaaS

Springday powers health & wellbeing to make healthier, happier people. We use technology to create an ecosystem of health and wellbeing resources, challenges, wearable technology, face-to-face services and benefits. We bring these elements together in a gamified and engaging way in the form of an online platform with mobile app, easy to use and available anywhere and any time.

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Artificial Intelligence

AIZEN provides a real-time AI Credit Cycle Control Module, helping banks monitor, predict, and control loan portfolio in a single platform.

Cash Director

Artificial Intelligence

cyberProductivity provides banks with real-time accounting data to offer financial products based on real clients needs. Virtual CFO technology helps banks' SME clients to better manage their finances and have easy access to financing when needed.



Enforcd is a global regulatory intelligence platform that helps you embed a strong compliance culture - stay informed, identify and predict risk, and share best practice throughout your organisation.

Exate Technology


Exate is a data privacy solution which protects data by allowing it to travel with its own rules.  Data is a valuable asset and we keep it safe.


Trade Finance

FundPark is a trade finance platform providing invoice financing and purchase order financing for SMEs. Using its propriety data analysis model for due diligence, verification and pricing, together with individual and institutional funders.

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Personal Finance Management

Gini is an app that helps people manage their personal finances and rewards them for it. Gini lets users take back control of their financial life by putting all their banks in one app.

Investment Navigator

WealthTech & RegTech

Investment Navigator enhances the investment & advisory value chain from research to distribution with suitability assessments, solving cross-border distribution, product and tax suitability issues.

Know Your Customer

Customer Onboarding

Digital on-boarding solution that automates anti-money laundering compliance processes and radically reduces corporate and individual on-boarding times in financial institutions.


Artificial Intelligence & RegTech

MindBridge™ Ai leverages artificial intelligence to detect errors in financial data. It’s flagship Ai Auditor™ automates the ingestion and analysis of data, generating a ‘risk score’ for all transactions.


Artificial Intelligence

vPhrase's product Phrazor uses AI to summarise data into a few bullet points, which highlight the key insights required by businesses for decision making.

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Artificial Intelligence

Makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate compliance and auditing to save companies time and money while reducing their exposure to risk.


Artificial Intelligence

An analytical platform for investors, traders and researchers, with aims to be a global leader in the space of information analytics for worldwide financial markets.



Offers insurance powered by the community where customers don't pay premiums upfront any longer, but rather share the true cost of claims.


Artificial Intelligence

An artificial intelligence-based text analytics and linguistics platform that helps to generate behavioural and domain insights, leading to precise, data-driven decisions.

Privé Technologies

WealthTech and InsurTech

End-to-end WealthTech, InsurTech and Advisory solutions that drive customer engagement, sales and process improvement for banks and insurers.

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An online direct debit payments company that makes it easy for businesses to collect recurring payments and take control of their cash flow.



Wants to address affordability and accessibility through the democratisation and digitisation of asset-based savings and lending products - starting with gold!



A modular claims automation engine for property and auto insurance companies to streamline and automate claims processes.


Customer Engagement

A next gen, AI enabled loyalty and customer engagement platform that powers large B2C brands.


Lead Management

The first action-based* instant routing lead management system that encourages prompt lead follow-ups while improving accountability in salespeople of various industries.

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