Exate Technology Webinar


In this webinar, Jonathan (Business Manager) discusses the need for change in data management with respect to data protection and data privacy, how attribute level encryption can be used to separate application security from data security, and how Exate Technology is making data protection and data privacy a competitive advantage. Jonathan highlights recent data breaches as a trend due to outdating data protection techniques, he discusses the problems large organisations face as a result of traditional data protection techniques and why Cross-Border Data Transfers and data localisation will be the next challenge for firms going forward. Exate Technology is helping firms with these challenges by providing a plug and play solution allowing firms to easily and effectively control access to data, enabling regulatory compliance with data privacy regulations, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and China Cybersecurity Law, and Cross-Border Data Transfers. To learn more about these challenges and Exate Technology’s unique solutions to tackling these visit www.exatetechnology.com

Speaker Bio

Jonathan Naismith

Business Manager


Jonathan holds two degrees in Finance, including MSc Finance with Distinction. He was a Guest Speaker at Kingston University and various Owen James events for his expertise in GDPR. Most recently, Jonathan won the 2018 Innovate Finance Global Summit Pitch 360 Competition in association with Intel and Deloitte London.

If you’d like to contact Exate Technology, please feel free to contact Jonathan Naismith at jono@exatetechnology.com