Mindbridge Webinar: The Rise of AI



In this webinar, Robin Grosset (CTO) discusses the rapid development and application of AI to cope with big data problems, and how MindBridge Ai is revolutionising the world of financial anomaly detection. Robin examines the numerous ways in which firms across industries are using AI technology, as well as some of the drawbacks of deep learning. With undetected financial losses estimated at $3 trillion annually, MindBridge Ai have successfully developed a user-friendly explainable AI to help their clients uncover financial irregularities using a hybrid of approaches and methods. To hear more about tackling big data, deep learning and MindBridge Ai's unique approach, click on the webinar link above.

Speaker Bio:


Robin Grosset

Chief Technology Officer, MindBridge Analytics Inc.


Robin has over 20 years of experience in business analytics and has a track record as an entrepreneur having worked in and founded successful software startups which were acquired by Cognos and IBM.  At IBM, Robin was a technical executive and IBM Distinguished Engineer. Robin has patents and publications in the area of expert systems, security, data processing, and analytics. He holds a first class honours degree in both Physics and Computing Science from Newcastle University in the UK.

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