The SuperCharger Difference


ONLY FINTECH | Our team, accelerator, and network are focused entirely on this industry and all of its enablers.

NO EQUITY | We take no equity in any of the participating start-ups.

START-UP 4 START-UP | SuperCharger is a start-up that represents and helps other start-ups.

CORPORATE ACCESS | SuperCharger gives FinTech start-ups access to across all institutions we work with.

PILOTS & PRICING Co-creation between corporates & start-ups is hard, but we can help start that journey.

REGULATIONS | Our team actively engages regulators & legal experts to navigate compliance & risk.

UNBIASED | We earn win-win results thanks to our 3rd party position as neither investor, corporate, nor realtor.


SuperCharge your business by having access to the FinTech space newly created by MDEC in Bangsar South. For 12-weeks, your team will get FREE desks to work at, work alongside other FinTech entrepreneurs in the program in a SuperCharger-dedicated space, and be able to engage with other businesses and investors in this fully-subscribed space.

While SuperCharger does not invest, we are able to connect your business to a network of investor professionals, ranging from angel investors all the way to leading international VCs. This way, SuperCharger can help you find the strategic capital partners that make sense for your business while not compromising.

In addition to gaining access to a wide range of professionals via SuperCharger's network and events, local and regional news outlets cover the work we accomplish together.


SuperCharger provides a spotlight on your solution(s) that can be the extra push your business may need to close the next big deal.

SuperCharger provides a combination of in-depth, local talent and a broader network of professionals who serve as mentors. By having a wide array of supporting organizations and partner institutions, we can pull knowledge resources together from all core financial verticals.


Additionally, our mentors span legal experts, fellow entrepreneurs, IT & data professionals, and regulators and civil servants.

At the heart of the SuperCharger curriculum are the workshops that are held throughout the program on a weekly basis.


Want to learn about how to best leverage cloud computing solutions? Want to get investors' perspective on your product? Having trouble with your pricing strategy?


We've got you covered.

Finally, SuperCharger puts on some of the best ecosystem events. We bring together stakeholders from many different bodies and try our best to partner with local entities to bring in more than just traditional finance circles. Events are an opportunity to gain visibility and network, but they are also a tool for broader community engagement.