Reasons To Join SuperCharger Malaysia 2018

As Asia’s leading FinTech accelerator returns to Malaysia for its second program, we look at some of the many factors why the country is becoming the destination of choice for founders and one of the fastest growing FinTech hubs in the region.

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Why Malaysia

Fresh off the back of an historic election and riding a wave of renewed optimism, Malaysia’s future economic outlook is extremely bright with a myriad of significant new investments expected to flow into the country.

Its central location in Southeast Asia, along with its English speaking workforce and highly-skilled technical talent, makes Malaysia an idyllic springboard for conquering ASEAN with its 640 million inhabitants and their collective GDP of USD 2 trillion. Low operational costs, easy to reach regulators, and a plethora of national incentives have helped over 5,000 companies from 60 nations incorporate their business in Malaysia.

With more than 20 million active internet users in a 31-million strong population, Malaysians are one of the most digitally nations in the region. Malaysians spend up to 4.6 hours per day on the computer, ahead of countries like Singapore (4.2 hours), Australia (3.6 hours), China (3.4 hours), Hong Kong (3.3 hours), and Japan (2.9 hours). The local market is also increasingly skewed towards digital consumers, with 50% of the population being active e-commerce shoppers. The property rental rate in Malaysia is one of the world’s most economical, at an average of USD 15.10 per square meter per month (sqm/mth). This makes Malaysia a lot more affordable than Hong Kong (USD 167.70/sqm/mth), China (USD 44.50/sqm/mth), and Singapore (USD 81.90/sqm/mth).


Introducing our program partners MDEC

The Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) digital transformation agenda is committed to drive and facilitate the growth of new innovative technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, process digitisation and, of course, financial technology.

In order to attract and nurture the talent at hand, MDEC manages a number of national initiatives and business friendly policies for those looking to incorporate in Malaysia.

MSC Status

The MSC program is a special economic zone and high-technology business district that runs through Kuala Lumpur and beyond. Inaugurated in 1996, the grant of MSC Malaysia Status entitles qualified entities to a set of incentives, rights and privileges including unlimited foreign worker visas, lengthy tax exemptions, and access to top regional and local talent.

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The Malaysia Tech Entrepreneur Program offers a 1-year multiple entry pass for new entrepreneurs and a 5-year pass for established entrepreneurs and can be acquired in just 6 weeks from submitting the your documentation.

Click here to read more about the MTEP Visa program

Digital Hubs

Malaysia Digital Hubs are a collection of coworking spaces that offer unrivalled access to the startup ecosystem. These hubs are strategically located around Kuala Lumpur and offer high-speed internet access, affordable pricing, and access to a vibrant community of founders and venture capitalists.

Click here to read more about Malaysia Digital Hubs

Why SuperCharger

SuperCharger is a no investment, no equity accelerator. While we don’t invest any capital, neither do we take any equity from those we accelerate. By sourcing startups that match the problem statements provided by our program partners, our main metric is how quickly and efficiently can we get founders operating at the highest level in a new and exciting ecosystem.

Our 12 week program is essentially a crash course in facilitated introductions and an accelerated roadmap to PoC, leveraging our regional network of FI’s, VC’s, banks, regulators, MNC’s and NGO’s.

Program Perks

SuperCharger shares an equal responsibility to both its partners and founders. It’s in our best interests to introduce leads, find you funding, help you hire talent, and supercharge your business in Malaysia and beyond. In order to aid you, we work with an increasing number of supporting organisations who offer their services to companies in the SuperCharger program.

While successful applicants are ultimately chosen by our partners, everyone who applies to this years program has their details shared with a selection of VC’s, regulators, banks, MNC’s, and NGO’s. Even if your application isn’t successful for our 2018 cohort, you will still be placing your organization on the radar of key industry stakeholders in Malaysia. Should you be picked up by one of our partners, SuperCharger will still offer the same level of support and assistance as we do with our alumni. Who Should Apply While the sectors we operate in can be easily found on our website, we typically work with founders who have a proven business model and track record in their domestic market who would like to replicate that success in Southeast Asia. For regional and local applicants, we look for exciting ideas that can give and receive value via the SuperCharger network.To apply for SuperCharger Malaysia 2018 click here

To apply for SuperCharger Kuala Lumpur 2018 click here

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