Introduction to FinTech

Not so long of a while ago you’ve probably heard of or seen the word “Bitcoin”, and how it is the “new form of money” perpetuated by its high price of value. See? You have just stumbled upon the word a few seconds ago! Beneath the vast connectivity of the modern day Internet, it is no surprise that even advertisements nowadays are filled with Bitcoin-related information. Under such circumstances, any average citizen would start to question what the fuss is all about. Questions like “What is Bitcoin?” , “Why does it sound like a new type of money?”, “Why is Bitcoin created?” , etc would be seemingly spammed all across the internet medium; sparking discussions, gossips and debates among people from all fields of demographics, educational background and status.

To continue reading this 2-part articles written by our Academy Partner (Financial Literacy for Youth Malaysia) click the links below.

Introduction to FinTech (Part 1)

Introduction to FinTech (Part 2)

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