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MotionsCloud is a modular claims automation engine for vehicle and property insurance companies to streamline and automate claims processes. MotionsCloud helps policyholders (customers) and their insurance company to settle the vehicle and property claims in three hours.

It offers real-time AI estimations of damage claims via the MotionsCloud AI damage visual assessment engine, based on photos of damage sent by the policyholder. The AI engine identifies the damage on the photos and gives a pre-assessment of the claim for insurance companies to proceed with the settlement claims.

In addition, MotionsCloud provides a mobile web-based app for policyholder to collect claims information, track claims progress and perform remote video inspection with an insurance claims manager which promotes trust between policyholders and insurers, improve the accuracy and consistency, and reduce potential fraud through localisation and timestamp records.

With MotionsCloud, the claims cycle time can be reduced from days to hours. Insurance companies can save up to 75% of the claims processing cost, and more importantly, improve the customer claims experience and retention rate. The technology can be implemented via simple plug and play of soft APIs, allowing insurers to get started with minimal hassle and disruption to their daily operations.

Co-founded by Lex Tan (CEO) and Sereyboth Van (Technical Director), and Pablo Vu (AI Technical Director), MotionsCloud is looking to spread its wings across Asia, support and improve the way insurers process vehicle and property claims.




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