Meet the Cohort - Pensieve

Pensieve is an artificial intelligence-based text analytics and linguistics platform that helps to generate behavioural and domain insights, leading to precise, data-driven decisions.

The SMRITI solution allows for contract automation via Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies, reducing the time and effort required to draft contracts. In addition, the system can also recommend clauses during the contract building process, as well as identifying entities and helping clients modify them.

Its legal platform MITRA makes use of advanced AI technology to boost the productivity of lawyers, by intuitively understanding the context and relevance of search queries, giving case researchers apt recommendations.

Pensieve has been recognised as one of the top ten LegalTech companies in Asia, with the accuracy of its world-leading text recognition technology higher compared to rival firms in Europe and the US. Co-founded by Gaurav Shrivastava (CEO) and Navaneeth Pasham (Business Head), the company is looking to quickly make its mark in LegalTech by expanding both regionally and internationally as well.




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