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Perx is a next-gen customer engagement and loyalty platform that powers large B2C brands. The A.I. enabled platform allows marketers to create personalized revenue-generating digital engagements for millions of end consumers.

The platform utilises machine learning algorithms to accurately target customers with contextual rewards based on their behavioural patterns. Gamified campaigns are then conceptualised to increase customer engagement and retention, which ultimately drives revenue.

Campaigns can be set up and scaled extremely quickly, with case studies showing improvements of up to 6x in customer engagement when compared to regular digital channels. With Perx, marketing teams experience a dramatic productivity boost by reducing campaign planning & execution timelines from weeks down to a few minutes. Perx offers seamless integration to clients which can see rapid deployment of the platform in just two weeks.

Founded by Anna Gong (CEO), Perx has rapidly grown since its inception in 2014 and boasts clients such as AXA, HSBC, Digi, Sephora and UOB among others.




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