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Privé Technologies deals in end-to-end WealthTech, InsurTech, and Advisory solutions that drive customer engagement, sales, and process improvement for banks and insurers.

Its end-to-end, award-winning technology solutions can serve both large and small enterprises and boutiques. Providing a bank in a box service, Privé’s technology solutions help to engage and empower both clients and customers. Advisor engagement tools will ensure sales forces are more engaged, leading to improved sales, while data-driven tools can provide comprehensive digital advice, delivering customised recommendations to boost overall conversion.

Privé also boasts a full-suite portfolio management system that helps clients to intelligently construct and rebalance portfolios, as well as digital modules that can reduce labour costs in operations while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency.

Co-founded by Charles Wong (Chairman) and Julian Schillinger (CEO), Privé Technologies is rated as the 14th fastest growing company in Asia by the Financial Times and boasts a global client portfolio.



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