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SalesCandy is the first action-based* instant routing lead management system (LMS) that encourages prompt lead follow-ups while improving accountability in salespeople of various industries.

Tracking a variety of actionable metrics such as Salesperson Online Rate, Lead Acceptance Rate, Average First Response Time, Sales Conversion Rate and more. The LMS instantly reroutes leads from any offline or online source directly to the salesperson’s phone, allowing leads to be attended to immediately. If a sales rep does not pick up the lead within 45 seconds, it will be rerouted to the next available person in the queue; this usually results in leads being followed up on within five minutes.

Co-founded by Stanley Chee (CEO) and Jeffry Chan (COO), SalesCandy was the winner of the 2017 Hong Leong Bank Launchpad, and has rapidly garnered an impressive portfolio of clients, including Tropicana, OSK Property, Cornerstone Realty, Curtin University, KDU University College and more.




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